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Asia-Pacific Webinar - improving construction quality with best practice defect management

Is defect management missing the mark and causing ongoing headaches? Want to see best practice recommendations on how to track, manage and measure defects? Join us for a 45-minute webinar where we’ll explain why and how to get defect management… Read More »

selection criteria to help you choose a defect management system

Selecting construction software can be overwhelming.  If you’ve started looking around for a defect management system for your construction projects, you’ll know three things. 1. There are a lot of vendors out there 2. They all say their system is… Read More »

new versions of our website policies are coming 30 January 2017

To better align our website policies with our ACCEDE Defect Management System Customer Agreement & End User Licence Agreement and to provide more transparency for visitors to this website, we wish to advise we will be adopting four new website… Read More »

sloppy defecting can result in construction delays

There’s nothing more stressful than a construction project running behind schedule.  And when an already-delayed project moves into an inefficient defecting period, things only get worse. It’s a near-impossible task to meet looming PC deadlines when you are reliant on… Read More »

use a construction quality system over the entire building or project lifecycle

If you ask most people in the industry about construction quality management, they normally talk about defects. But it’s this narrow focus that’s the problem. A heavy focus on quality at the defecting and handover stages of a project is… Read More »

Benefits of automating construction quality checks

Capturing and rectifying construction defects. It’s a painful and arduous job that’s often done under extreme pressure. It’s even harder when your quality team uses a manual system to capture defects and notify sub-contractors. Typically, isolated spreadsheets are used to… Read More »

cradle to grave quality management system

Published in The Urban Developer on 19 June 2015. An innovative “cradle to grave” approach in quality management is set to fire up the entire building industry into a rethink. While quality management systems, such as WicketWork’s ACCEDE, have traditionally… Read More »

Construction defect management system

WicketWorks is seeking individuals or existing software resellers with relevant industry experience and current exposure to market/promote, sell and support ACCEDE in the UK and Australia. To be considered for these reseller opportunities we’d like you to have some of the following… Read More »

People questioned me as to why I felt compelled to move on from TX-501 when it was a proven winner when it came to absolute accuracy and cost savings. Well, the world of technology doesn’t stand still and neither does… Read More »

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