This ACCEDE enhancement comes courtesy of feedback received from a contractor who has been granted access to the Control Centre to mark off his items as “Rectified”.  John from Knights Electrical commented:

“the description window was too small and to reduce other windows in order to expand the description column takes forever”.

We appreciate good suggestions regardless of their source made a few changes to ACCEDE to address John’s issues regarding not being able to see the entire defect description text…

1. Hovering the mouse over the description field will now show a tool tip containing the full text of defect description …

Tool tip displays full text of defect description

2. Users are now able to choose which columns are displayed in the grid. For example, you can omit any columns in which you are not interested and the defect description column will then take up the newly liberated horizontal space.

Just click the Columns button, deselect the columns you do not want displayed…

Display or hide defect description and other columns

and then see the result…

Defect description and other selected columns are now shownColumn selection will be remembered from session to session.

Upon emailing John that we had acted on his feedback, he replied:

“Thank you for your prompt response & action.

We do really like having the QA system in place, it has been a great help with this project from our point of view.

We feel it has vastly improved the efficiency & productivity of the project as well as the obvious quality improvements.”

Our pleasure John.

Please contact us for more information about the ACCEDE construction defects management system or with any suggestions for further system enhancements.

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