ACCEDE Enhancement Update to Scheduled Tasks and more – WicketWorks is pleased to announce the release of ACCEDE Control Centre v4.0.11.

New features in this update…

1.  More Scheduled Task Options

Six new scheduled tasks types are available …

New scheduled tasks options

These tasks will allow you to email complete lists of All, Open or Closed items to nominated recipients on a regular basis.   Note you have the option to either include images or not.  Be aware that, if you have a large number of items, this task could result in huge reports being generated on a regular basis.

2.  Email Verification

Email addresses on scheduled task set up are now verified…

Email verification now incorporated in Scheduled Tasks


3.  Scheduled Tasks CC Email

Scheduled task emails are now CCed to the “Copy all outgoing email” address specified on project set up…

Copy all outgoing email to now in Scheduled Tasks


4.  Reports – Email to Individual

When selecting report output of Email – Individual to Responsible, you now have an option to CC email to nominated recipients…

Email individual to responsible Scheduled Tasks includes cc


5. Import Punch list/Snag list Items

An issue has been identified and rectified where the number of columns in the import file was less than that expected.


Please do not hesitate to contact support with any questions.

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