As a customer-focused business, everything we do at ACCEDE is aimed at ensuring our end-users are happy with our system. This worked very well for us when we launched in Australia, and many existing customers ‘down under’ have been happy to endorse our system. However, we are facing a couple of new challenges in launching ACCEDE in the UK.

Want to test ACCEDE on a pilot project?

A successful track record in Australia counts for little when prospects want to know about its use in the UK market. So, we are talking to some early potential customers about free use of the ACCEDE system for a single test project. If you are interested in this, all we ask in return is for your permission to interview you about your experience of using ACCEDE and for us to write a case study based on your experience.

There is no risk. All data entered into ACCEDE remains yours and if you decide not to continue at any point we will provide all data to you in your preferred format (Excel or PDF, for example). We will install ACCEDE on your tablet devices (iPad or Windows tablet/PCs) and provide training (although it is very intuitive to use). The system will be fully featured just as it would be for a paying customer and because it is cloud-based, it will be quite separate from your existing IT systems.

ACCEDE - Snagging on a tablet deviceWhat do snaggers want?

Entering a new geographical market makes you ask some basic questions. Mobile applications on smartphones and tablets are increasingly widespread on construction sites, but when it comes to defects management, what do end-users really want?

As a customer-focused technology provider, we want to know what you require from mobile snagging and quality applications. So we have devised a short online survey looking at mobile quality control systems. The survey will take around three minutes to complete and as an incentive one respondent will be picked at random to receive a free Apple iPad Mini. Click here to complete the survey. We will be sharing the results from the survey in a future blog post.

Survey now closed – findings coming soon.

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