Update construction defect item status in the field with our new Punch List app for smartphones.

WicketWorks is excited to announce ACCEDE Mobile – a new, efficient way to deliver defect rectification updates to you quickly and effectively.

ACCEDE’s flexible Status Flags have many uses. They are a quick and easy way to mark an item with a Yes/No status. Your project is able to have up to three status flags and you can name them how you wish. Typical examples of status flags are “Rectified”, or “Architect Approved”, or “Client Approved”

Many projects have a status flag named “Rectified” to indicate the subcontractor has attended to a defect item. Usually, the subcontractor updates the item as rectified by logging on to the ACCEDE Control Centre at the end of the day and marking his items as Rectified on this screen…

Subcontractors can log into the Control Centre to update item status to rectified

With ACCEDE Mobile authorised users can quickly update the status of their defect items in the field using their smartphone.

ACCCEDE Mobile is a like a punch list app for smartphones, enabling subcontractors to access their defect items via a mobile phone while on site. No need to wait until sitting in front of an office PC – once the job is complete, your subcontractor can whip out his smartphone and update the item there and then – and you’ll be notified via email quick smart as soon as your Rectified Alert scheduled task next runs.

Smartphone punch list app

Marking an item rectified using ACCEDE Mobile is as easy as 1,2,3…

1. SEARCH for open items …

Search for open items on punch list app for smartphones

2. SELECT the item …

Select item rectified on punch list app for smartphones


Mark as rectified on punch list app for smartphones

Simple as that.

Using ACCEDE Mobile, your subcontractor may also add a brief comment and attach photos…

Add comment or photo using punch list app for smartphones

You can also use ACCEDE Mobile to close items – providing you have the necessary permission…

Close item using punch list app for smartphones

It’s easy to get up-and-running using ACCEDE Mobile. Just go to Admin/Users, find the user in question and then grant access to ACCEDE Mobile by turning on this checkbox…

Grant user access to punch list app for smartphones

You can quickly and easily send an advisory email to the user detailing how to access ACCEDE Mobile by clicking this button…

Email user guide for punch list app for smartphones

To access ACCEDE Mobile from your smartphone, just navigate to https://s1.accedecloud.com/mobile (we suggest adding a website bookmark to your Smart Phone’s home screen for faster access on subsequent use).

Existing clients will enjoy free access to ACCEDE Mobile and we will extend this offer to all new clients who simply mention ACCEDE Mobile when submitting any of our contact forms such as:

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Thanks for taking the time to learn about ACCCEDE Mobile. Please contact us for more information about the ACCEDE construction defects management system or with any suggestions for further system enhancements.

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