ACCEDE Case Study - Transport for New South Wales

A new ACCEDE case study explains how the Barangaroo Ferry Wharf project became a catalyst for change in how Transport for NSW (TfNSW) managed construction defects. It was time to end the Excel era, replacing bloated spreadsheets with a streamlined, cloud-based defect management tool.

“Unconventional” is how Brenden Wakim, Construction Manager at TfNSW describes his typical construction projects. “Our Infrastructure and Services Division completes infrastructure projects around New South Wales,” he said. “Train station upgrades to improve accessibility are very common, as are new or upgraded ferry wharves and transport interchanges. But unlike typical construction projects, we are often working in a live environment: with moving trains, live electrical wires, and 10,000 commuters walking through our worksite every day. Often, we will have a 48-hour window to complete key infrastructure while trains are stopped on a scheduled weekend train shutdown. This means that construction is very pressured, bringing with it both design challenges and an increased need for prefabrication.”

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