ACCEDE will save you money and time if you are a project manager or QA manager.

It is a simple and clean solution to capturing, recording and addressing defects. Basically, ACCEDE manages the people and the defects, then marries up people and problems efficiently, so that defects are identified and dealt with. No more pad and paper walk throughs taking up valuable time. No more time-consuming phone calls to subbies. No more wasted funds.

This is how it works – just picture this.

The QA inspector, carrying either a tablet or Ipad, walks his usual beat from floor to floor checking progress. He identifies a chip in the wall, takes a quick photo, circles the problem area, stores the photo in his tablet, presses the sync button which sends it to the control centre in the cloud. Immediately, that issue is logged in the Control Centre, along with the all the other day’s identified inspection items. The Control Centre kicks in and, via email, automatically notifies the subbies and/or project manager, of their outstanding items. Typically, this would be set up as an automated end-of-day of day task.

Imagine that the identified issue has now been rectified and wall no longer is chipped.

But that’s not where this product ends. As the world is becoming ever more computer literate, the individual subby can either directly advise the Control Centre that the item has been addressed and ready for inspection, or alternatively, return a printed advice. This makes it so easy for the inspector to know what items are ready for re-inspection. Of course, this is all so seamless, because ACCEDE is cloud-based.

And what does that really mean? It means that inspectors can be free to use tablet device to accurately identify and record defects anywhere and then send that information to those that need to know. ACCEDE promotes freedom and flexibility.

And naturally, there’s plenty of analysis reports and graphs that ACCEDE can deliver to management at the touch of a button. But, that’s another story.

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