ACCEDE Enhancement Update – Control Centre version 4.0.12r incorporates a new feature to customise email subject and body in automated communications

Scheduled Tasks are the mechanism by which ACCEDE sends automated emails to selected parties. For example, you may have set up a Scheduled Task to run at 7 pm each night advising subcontractors of newly created defect/snag items.

You now have the ability to specify email subject and body on each individual scheduled task.

In the example above, you could specify a subject of…

Defect Notification from BPC, Northbank Development

…and perhaps an email body like…

This is a notice given under clause x.x of the Contract notifying you of the defects which are attached to this email (Defects).

Pursuant to clause x.x of the Contract, you are instructed to commence works to rectify the Defects and complete by close of business three business days from the date of this notification.

Should you fail to rectify the Defects within the specified time frame,  BPC reserves its rights under clause x.x of the Contract to engage a third-party to rectify the Defects, the costs of which will be back charged to you or deducted from security or retention money held by BPC

Open the Admin/Scheduled Task screen, and note these two new fields…

Email subject and body fields are new to the Scheduled Task screen

Email Subject has a limit of 254 characters, however Email Body is unlimited in length.

Note that when the email is sent, the subject you have defined on this screen will be suffixed with the subcontractor’s name. This is to make it easier to identify emails in your email log.  Like this…

Mods to email subject and body functionality allows subcontractor name to be viewed in email log

The existing email subject/body defined on the Project screen will serve as a default when sending ad hoc reports from the report manager.

We suggest you make it something generic like this…

Default email subject and body for ad-hoc reports

Please contact us for more information about the ACCEDE construction defects management system or with any suggestions for further system enhancements.


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