ACCEDE Enhancement Update – defect item attributes and data dump now available in ACCEDE Control Centre v4.0.12a.

New features in this update…

1.  New punch list/snag list item attributes

Two new defect item attributes have been added to the punch list/snag list item: Drawing Ref and Percent Complete.

Drawing Ref is a free-format 20-character field where you can record details of the drawing/revision related to this punchlist item

Percent Complete may be used to record the status of an item that is not yet closed, but has progressed. For ease of data entry, you may choose a value from the drop-down list, or enter a specific value.

They appear in the Control Centre screen here…


Both new fields also appear on the ACCEDE Agent punchlist/snaglist screen.

Percent Complete is able to be updated from the Close Out screen in ACCEDE Agent. You may either choose a percentage from the list, or enter your own value using the keyboard …

Select percent complete from list or enter manually

Both new fields may be included in you report layouts as defined in Reports/Punchlist or Reports/Snaglist Layouts…

2.  Request Data Download

A new option has been added to the Admin menu – Request Download…


This feature may be used to request an XLS dump of your punch list/snag list and checklist data. Also available are your image and attachment files. This function may be used to serve as ad-hoc data backup, or for archival purposes at end of project. Due to the potential large size of data transfers involved, it is not intended for this feature to be used on a regular basis.

Click the relevant button to request the required data to be prepared for download. Note that, depending on the volume of your data, this process may take several minutes.


When the data is ready to be downloaded, click the link shown on the screen to commence the usual download procedure in your browser…


Once prepared, your files will be available for download for the next one hour.

Please contact us for more information about the ACCEDE construction defects management system or with any suggestions for further system enhancements.


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