With this enhancement, ACCEDE lets you know exactly by whom and when a construction defect item was updated.

ACCEDE now automatically records every update made to a construction defect item whether the it happened directly in the Control Centre or via a tablet sync. The details recorded include who made the change, when, what fields were changed as well as both the old and new values.

Have a look at the new History tab on the Punch List screen…

construction defect item punch list screen

On this tab you’ll see a complete history of all updates to this construction defect item – with the latest updates displayed at the top of the list.

construction defect item complete history

The new History field is available to you when designing reports in Punch List Layouts…


You can also include the full history of the construction defect item in your reports if required.



Please contact us for more information about the ACCEDE construction defects management system or with any suggestions for further system enhancements.

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