ACCEDE Enhancement Update – Control Centre 4.0.12s includes a new feature to choose image size in notification reports

One of our favourite clients recently contacted Wicketworks with an ACCEDE enhancement request to be able to choose image size displayed in notification reports. We thought this was a great idea and would benefit other ACCEDE users.

Scheduled Tasks are the mechanism by which ACCEDE sends automated emails to selected parties. For example, you may have set up a Scheduled Task to run at 7 pm each night advising subcontractors of newly created defect/snag items. Some of these notification reports contain thumbnail images.

Now, when setting up the scheduled task, you have control over the size of these images. Use the Image Size drop down to choose between small, medium and large images…

Image size 1


To give you an idea of the images sizes, here is a notification report with small images…

Image size 2


And here is the same report with large images…

Image size 3

Please contact us for more information about the ACCEDE construction defects management system or with any suggestions for further system enhancements.


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