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~A wicket door is an opening through which business is transacted~

We believe you will find the WicketWorks solution will become your doorway to business success

WicketWorks, which can trace its heritage to 1991, is committed to helping companies streamline all their business processes and transactions and to making work routines “easier, faster and smarter…”.

WicketWorks delivers high-quality, custom-built database applications.

Since its inception, the company has developed varied database applications for a wide range of clients. WicketWorks continues today in the tradition of crafting innovative and effective solutions that work in the real world for business of all sizes.

Replace manual punch lists and snag lists with a mobile defect management system Ongoing development based on client feedback ensures we are the leading defects management system provider

Ideal ACCEDE customers include innovative organisations of all sizes with a best-in-class reputation, responsible for high quality or complex projects in: Civil/Mechanical Engineering, Construction, Facilities Management, Mining/Energy, Manufacturing, Maintenance/Inspection, Petrochemical/Processing Plant Construction.

ACCEDE punch list and snag list reports can be automatically generated for email or printing/distribution

Wicketworks Pty Ltd (‘WicketWorks’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘the Company’) is the developer and owner of the ACCEDE Defect Management System (ACCEDE) and this website. WicketWorks is an Australian Pty Limited company with independent agents (‘authorised agents’) marketing and supporting our global customer base. Our head office is in Brisbane, Australia.

Key People

Brian McKillop – Development and Support Director

Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA 

Brian McKillop

Brian is a seasoned Database Applications & Systems Development Manager, with well over 15 years’ senior-level experience designing custom desktop and cloud-based database applications for large corporate organisations and small individual businesses alike, using MS Visual FoxPro and Servoy.

He specialises in applications to service niche requirements in Accounting, Document Control, Manufacturing, Membership Management, Records Management and Stock Control. To date he has developed 30+ database applications, including hand-held database applications.

Since 2004, Brian has served as Director of WicketWorks, where he has been a driving force behind the design and launching of TX-501 and more recently Accede.  He is clearly passionate about the intricacies of streamlined functionalities of top-performing applications/systems.  He endeavors to take the thinking/analysing out of all processes for his clients so that they can focus on delivering within their areas of niche expertise. He presents live demos to industry experts on automating data capture/management and workflows.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (QUT, 1981) and has extensive hands-on experience in asset management, construction management, construction defect analysis, document control, event scheduling, membership management, stock control and system design/management.

LinkedIn: au.linkedin.com/in/bmckillop/

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