ACCEDE Mobile Quality Management System Price Guide

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Cost plays a major role in your quality management software selection decision

We are confident you will find ACCEDE‘s mobile quality management system price will fall within the budget expectations of organisations of all sizes.

Did you know?

The cost of not having a mobile defect management system


Is the ACCEDE mobile quality management system competitively priced?

We certainly think so.  To reduce costs and provide maximum flexibility, ACCEDE is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model on a per project or enterprise basis that includes:

  • minimum 30 day no obligation free trial
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited defect items per project
  • unlimited inactive projects
  • unlimited Control Centre and Agent (iPad or Windows PC) applications
  • secure database and host server in the cloud
  • server administration and database management
  • project configuration and on-site training
  • access to our extensive on-line Agent user documentation and Control Centre video tutorials
  • email or telephone or on-site support
  • all future upgrades

We aim to quantify your total financial commitment when purchasing an ACCEDE licence for your enterprise or project with no hidden costs.

Can I purchase ACCEDE on a Project basis?

Of course.  Even though we feel an enterprise licence offers the best value, we have several ACCEDE packages based on the number of concurrent projects* and users^.  Simply select your region for our current prices:

However, if our plans don’t quite fit your requirements we are happy to  provide a custom quotation that meets your specifications regarding concurrent projects and users.


What about an Enterprise licence?

We’d be delighted to tailor an ACCEDE enterprise licence should you wish, but would first need to learn more about your business including estimated project values and volumes, desired term and ongoing support needs. Enterprise licences receive generous volume based discounts (the larger the enterprise the lower the average per project licence fee) and provide the best return on investment.


  • There are no per-user charges.  Research has shown cost savings and other collaboration benefits arising from ACCEDE are maximised when all project stakeholders use the ACCEDE system.
  • Implement ACCEDE in the early stages of your project at no additional cost.  The sooner your project adopts ACCEDE the sooner your project will be completed.
  • The flat rate sliding scale ensures a greater ROI for larger projects which is further improved under an Enterprise licence scenario.


Return On Investment (ROI)

The business case for ACCEDE is quite simple, and we’d be very happy to demonstrate the likely return on investment range possible under any of our licencing scenarios.  Or download our simple to use Return on Investment Calculator …

Download Free ROI Calculator


No Obligation Free Trial

We understand that you must get value for money and recommend taking advantage of our no obligation free trial (30-90 days) as a starting point for assessing ACCEDE‘s time and cost saving functionality versus licence and tablet costs.  We’d like to learn about your business needs so we can fully demonstrate why ACCEDE can be your one-stop defecting and checklisting solution .

To better appreciate the time and cost savings from ACCEDE’s powerful features, please contact us regarding a free, no obligation trial on your next project.  Click below to register your interest.


If you have any questions regarding ACCEDE’s licence fees please contact us.  


* Concurrent Projects refers to the number of “live” projects that can be accessed for update (i.e. “read and write” access) at any one time.  Whilst you have a valid ACCEDE licence you will are entitled to retain unlimited “read only” projects for reporting purposes.


Concurrent Users refers to the number of simultaneous logins per ACCEDE Project.  Each project can have unlimited users with access to your project however there are restriction on the number of users that can log in to any given project at the same time.
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