Today’s ACCEDE – the defects management quality assurance system, is the result of a 22-year journey dedicated to professionalism, accuracy, reliability and stability.

It all started in 1991 when Brian McKillop, a Queensland University of Technology graduate, launched his own IT consultancy, a business which has continuously and consistently met the needs of many and varied clients over the years. A chance conversation in 2004 led to the development of TX-501, an ambitious and versatile defects management system which incorporated the use of Palm devices. Over the years, TX-501 has been instrumental in saving time and money in dozens of major construction projects throughout Australia and overseas.

WicketWorks is proud to continue its presence in quality assurance systems with the introduction of ACCEDE, which is the progressive evolution of TX-501 into web-based technology and integrated tablet device apps. Not only have all the benefits of TX-501 been lovingly crafted into the new ACCEDE, enormous advantages have been developed to rocket ACCEDE into the new era of cloud computing.

The cloud environment in which ACCEDE operates promotes timely collaboration amongst all participating stakeholders – owner, builder, sub-contractors, architects and others. The cloud-based nature of ACCEDE enables project data  to be accessed from any Internet-connected device, anywhere, anytime without the need for any locally-installed systems.

While TX-501 provided a remarkable job of data capture and analysis, ACCEDE delivers even more with its absolute  versatility and connectivity – from the site office foreman to the project manager at the airport; from the sub-contractor in his truck to the national QA manager at head office or from an inspector in the field to the safety officer doing his rounds. ACCEDE is available 24/7.

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