Very secure is the short answer.  WicketWorks understands that confidentiality and data security is critical in any Cloud-based SaaS solution.  To ensure your data security and integrity is maintained, ACCEDE’s server and software infrastructure utilise the following:

  • server hosting by a leading and trusted supplier (Amazon Web Services)
  • the data transmitted between your devices and the server is encrypted using a 128 bit SSL Certificate – the same level of security as on-line banking
  • Hosted servers are fully redundant and backed up across multiple locations globally
  • Clustered load balancers, web servers, database servers and storage servers ensure a consistent, stable and completely replicated environment
  • ACCEDE flat file download functionality to allow you to back-up project data to your own servers as and when you deem necessary.

Click here to download more detailed information regarding data security of the ACCEDE defect management system.

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