ACCEDE Defects Management System Features

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Our experience will save your project time and money

WicketWorks first generation defects management system was launched in 2004. Since then we have made many improvements and incorporated new features thanks to recommendations and feedback from users and loyal customers.  The ACCEDE defects management system combines over 10 years of upgrades/enhancements with cloud-based architecture using the latest open source 4GL-inspired development language.

The result removes the administrative burden of traditional manual punch list (or snag list) processes while seamlessly promoting collaboration with project stakeholders, delivering savings in project time and costs like never before.

Using the ACCEDE defects management system

Overview of ACCEDE’s features

  • Definable terms, for example, Punch List or Snag List, Checklist or Inspection and Test Plan
  • Apply your organisation logo to personalise reports
  • Take full control of your quality assurance process
  • Report writer, generate customised report layouts
  • Definable pre-closure approval processes

  • Three-level project structure to identify location
  • Four definable categories to categorise defects for simple reporting and analysis
  • Definable pre-closure approval process for flagging defect items prior to final closure
  • Import project structure, categories, standard defect descriptions and address book from excel spreadsheets to speed up project configuration

  • Manage, analyse and follow-up required tasks
  • Watchlist, for individual item monitoring
  • Dashboard charts, the one page summary of project status
  • Reports, standard layouts with the ability to save defect item filtering criteria
  • Schedule tasks, automate reports and email follow-ups

  • No internet connection required except when synchronising
  • Windows 7 or iPad tablets, landscape and portrait screens (screens redraw on device orientation)
  • Simple data entry screen with an intuitive, clutter-free interface to minimise user training
  • Emphasis on selection from pick lists to reduce data entry
  • Add to predefined standard defects lists, project structure items and category values in the field

  • Capture and annotate photos, or make sketches in the field and link to defect
  • Annotate PDF drawings in the field and link to defects
  • Make detailed notes and comments
  • Add new, copy and edit snag list/punch list items
  • Bulk approval or closure of rectified items

  • Simple updates from any smartphone with web access
  • No app installation required
  • Quick and easy update of rectified items by responsible subcontractor whilst on site
  • Update other status flags for your project – eg Architect Approved, Client OK etc
  • Update Open/Closed in the field – if user has suitable permission

Mobile punch list defect management system for iPadSmartphone app for subcontractors use ACCEDE defect management system

ACEEDE’s unique combination of customisation and features combine to deliver a powerful quality assurance system that can adapt to any project.  ACCEDE will help streamline your defect management process and will quickly become an important project management tool, allowing you to reduce the time and money spent on project administration and reporting.

For more information about  ACCEDE‘s powerful features please click here and download the features brochure.  We also provide a free, no obligation 30 day (minimum) trial to allow you to experience ACCEDE on your next project. Click below to find out more.

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