This ACCEDE Defect Management System enhancement follows a suggestion from Shane Young, Project Manager at Broad Construction Services. The modification allows users to update the Rectified flag (and any other status flags you have on your project) directly from the Close Items screen.

The ACCEDE defect management system allows users to update rectified items directly from the close screen

If you don’t want to see these new columns you can always hide them by using the Columns button …

Our punchlist software allows users to view or hide columns displayed

Shane says…

 “I suggested to Wicketworks that it would be beneficial if there was a simple way to close completed defects and “Unrectify” any that were not acceptable on the same page. This would save time and allow consultants and clients to clearly identify that they have viewed the defect whilst ensuring that subcontractors are instantly made aware they have further work to do. Once again, Wicketworks was very quick to make these suggested changes and continued their great service.”


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