ACCEDE Defect Management System: An Overview

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The ACCEDE Defect Management System allows you to take full control of your on-site quality assurance processes

ACCEDE delivers reduced costs and minimises time spent on defects management, quality assurance, punch lists (snag lists) and checklists. ACCEDE provides you with powerful reports that allow you to manage your project or operations more efficiently and effectively.

defect management system benefits main contractorsDefect management system benefits for building and plant ownersDefect Management System benefits subcontractors and employees

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  • Ideal for public or private sector organisations with extensive capital works on construction, civil, infrastructure or processing plant projects
  • See the real status of your projects without relying on the main contractor or consultants
  • Monitor contractor and consultant performance with project comparison reports
  • Specify that use of ACCEDE will be looked on favourably in your next request for tender
  • Continue using ACCEDE during defects liability period and for ongoing maintenance contracts

  • Simple to set up, customise and use
  • Manage all defects inspected and recorded by multiple parties in a single system
  • Generates a neat, professional reporting system which clearly identifies defects and can be easily understood by subcontractors
  • Generates statistics reports highlighting subcontractor performance
  • Increases client confidence that the project will be carried out efficiently to a high standard

  • Saves on costs involved in carrying out inspections and creating snaglists/punchlists
  • Reliable record of issues for back charging
  • Tightens communications with subcontractors consequently reducing receipt-of-advice disputes
  • Reduces paperwork and heavy administration costs associated with managing manual defect management systems
  • Reviews and accurately updates project status by using the multiple report types, graphs and statistics

  • Encourages defects to be quickly and accurately recorded
  • Produces professional documents that can be easily understood by subcontractors
  • Generates reports to subcontractors quickly and avoids having to rely on administrative support staff
  • Allows urgent items to be reported immediately
  • Quickly and accurately report non performing subcontractors to project leaders by various types of reports and statistics

  • Easy to understand documents allow for quick rectification or queries to be raised
  • Serves as a reliable document repository tracking responsibility for items raised
  • Multiple statistics reports identify and compare supervisor performance
  • Monitors project progress which can be speedily and professionally reported to owners, project managers and other contractors
  • Tracks defect completion during  crucial defects liability period

The ACCEDE Defect Management System by WicketWorks comprises two components:

ACCEDE mobile defect management system for use on-site

ACCEDE Agent (in the field or on-site)

ACCEDE defect management system web based Control Centre

ACCEDE Control Centre (in the office)

While the ACCEDE Agent is an important part of the overall system, it is best viewed as a remote or on-site data capturing tool.  It is viable to operate the entire system using only the ACCEDE Control Centre.

ACCEDE Agent (tablet device application)

  • Designed for efficient data entry
  • Operational without internet connection (after synchronisation)
  • Makes extensive use of snaglists/punchlists as defined in the ACCEDE Control Centre
  • Select snaglist/punchlist user defined key phrases, for example, “Repaint west wall”
  • Add new key phrases as needed in the field and save for future use
  • Capture and link multiple images per defect using inbuilt tablet device camera
  • Annotate photos to clearly identify the items requiring rectification

ACCEDE Control Centre (web based, accessed through your internet browser)

  • Define user access, system options and project hierarchy or work breakdown structure
  • Three level hierarchy of user definable headings, for example, Building/Level/Room or Project/Area/Lot or Customer/Site/Plant Item
  • Define a hierarchy of headings, for example, define valid Rooms within Levels for each Building
  • Four user-definable categories, for example, Trade, Reason, Priority, Keyword
  • Synchronises with data captured by multiple ACCEDE Agents
  • Send notifications to responsible parties for snaglist/punchlist items by
    • Email
    • Printed reports
  • Send electronic reminders to those responsible for overdue items on a predefined, regular basis.
  • Create customisable reports and download data for further analysis
  • Snaglist/punchlist items may be selected by highly configurable filters allowing easy ad hoc reporting

If you have any questions please click here to contact us.  We also provide a free, no obligation 30 day (minimum) trial of the ACCEDE Defect Management System to allow you to experience its powerful features. Click below to register your interest.

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