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ACCEDE is a fully hosted web application and database with remote tablet integration for punch listing and quality management.  The ACCEDE Construction Defect Management System is loaded with many innovative features including:

  • Defect recording on site using a tablet device with no access to the internet required
  • Comprehensive reports including ACCEDE Dashboard Reports & Heat Charts for quick updates on project status
  • Collaboration functionality promotes use by all project stakeholders
  • Highly configurable Project Hierarchy to match your project’s work breakdown structure and ensure fast data capture
  • Can add new defect descriptions, project structure items and category values in the field when working offline


ACCEDE Overview

  • Ideal for public or private sector organisations with extensive capital works on construction, civil, infrastructure or processing plant projects
  • See the real status of your projects without relying on the main contractor or consultants
  • Monitor contractor and consultant performance with project comparison reports
  • Specify that use of ACCEDE will be looked on favourably in your next request for tender
  • Continue using ACCEDE during defects liability period and for ongoing maintenance contracts

  • Simple to set up, customise and use
  • Manage all defects inspected and recorded by multiple parties in a single system
  • Generates a neat, professional reporting system which clearly identifies defects and can be easily understood by subcontractors
  • Generates statistics reports highlighting subcontractor performance
  • Increases client confidence that the project will be carried out efficiently to a high standard

  • Saves on costs involved in carrying out inspections and creating snag lists/punch lists
  • Reliable record of issues for back charging
  • Tightens communications with subcontractors consequently reducing receipt-of-advice disputes
  • Reduces paperwork and heavy administration costs associated with managing manual defect management systems
  • Reviews and accurately updates project status by using the multiple report types, graphs and statistics

  • Encourages defects to be quickly and accurately recorded
  • Produces professional documents that can be easily understood by subcontractors
  • Generates reports to subcontractors quickly and avoids having to rely on administrative support staff
  • Allows urgent items to be reported immediately
  • Quickly and accurately report non performing subcontractors to project leaders by various types of reports and statistics

  • Easy to understand documents allow for quick rectification or queries to be raised
  • Serves as a reliable document repository tracking responsibility for items raised
  • Multiple statistics reports identify and compare supervisor performance
  • Monitors project progress which can be speedily and professionally reported to owners, project managers and other contractors
  • Tracks defect completion during  crucial defects liability period

ACCEDE Features

  • Definable terms, for example, Punch List or Snag List, Checklist or Inspection and Test Plan
  • Apply your organisation logo to personalise reports
  • Take full control of your quality assurance process
  • Report writer, generate customised report layouts
  • Definable pre-closure approval processes

  • Three-level project structure to identify location
  • Four definable categories to categorise defects for simple reporting and analysis
  • Definable pre-closure approval process for flagging defect items prior to final closure
  • Import project structure, categories, standard defect descriptions and address book from excel spreadsheets to speed up project configuration

  • Manage, analyse and follow-up required tasks
  • Watchlist, for individual item monitoring
  • Dashboard charts, the one page summary of project status
  • Reports, standard layouts with the ability to save defect item filtering criteria
  • Schedule tasks, automate reports and email follow-ups

  • No internet connection required except when synchronising
  • Windows 7 or iPad tablets, landscape and portrait screens (screens redraw on device orientation)
  • Simple data entry screen with an intuitive, clutter-free interface to minimise user training
  • Emphasis on selection from pick lists to reduce data entry
  • Add to predefined standard defects lists, project structure items and category values in the field

  • Capture and annotate photos, or make sketches in the field and link to defect
  • Annotate PDF drawings in the field and link to defects
  • Make detailed notes and comments
  • Add new, copy and edit snag list/punch list items
  • Bulk approval or closure of rectified items

  • Simple updates from any smartphone with web access
  • No app installation required
  • Quick and easy update of rectified items by responsible subcontractor whilst on site
  • Update other status flags for your project – eg Architect Approved, Client OK etc
  • Update Open/Closed in the field – if user has suitable permission

ACCEDE Workflow

ACCEDE Construction Defect Management System Users and Workflow





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ACCEDE Value Proposition

To reduce costs and provide maximum flexibility, ACCEDE is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model on a per project or enterprise basis that includes:

  • minimum 30 day no obligation free trial
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited defect items per project
  • unlimited inactive projects
  • unlimited Control Centre and Agent (iPad or Windows PC) applications
  • secure database and host server in the cloud
  • server administration and database management
  • project configuration and on-site training
  • access to our extensive on-line Agent user documentation and Control Centre video tutorials
  • email or telephone or on-site support
  • all future upgrades

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