Queensland Emergency Services Complex

"I estimate that using the ACCEDE system saved us significant time and costs on the contract and made the overall management much easier for us and the main contractor. We will be using ACCEDE for all our major projects in the future." Lloyd Goves, Managing Director, Goves Project Management


This project involved the redevelopment of the Emergency Services Complex at Kedron, Brisbane as a result of implications caused from the development of the Airport Link Tunnel project. The Tunnel project resulted in a loss of 5,000m² of space for the Department and an exhaustive space study to determine the consolidation of functions, utilisation of space and planning for future growth was undertaken.  This resulted in the establishment of the Queensland Ambulance Service and Queensland Fire & Rescue Services combined Communication Centre coupled with an enhanced Disaster Management centre.  Strategies were also developed to re-stack other Department buildings.


The project entailed the construction of a two buildings totalling 6,200m² of space. The buildings were nestled in amongst the existing buildings and were designed to create a campus style environment for staff.  This was complimented by the extensive landscaping that was undertaken to provide informal outdoor areas for meetings and collaboration zones for staff.

Kedron Emergency Services Complex

Kedron Emergency Services Complex

ACCEDE benefits Kedron Emergency Services Complex

Incorporating Best Practice Technology


This was a major project posing many intricacies and potentially difficult problems from the constraints of the existing site to the challenges of creating a development that worked in providing the optimum environment for the services to function efficiently but also a comfortable and reassuring environment for staff.


Goves Project Management was engaged as consultants to provide project management, change management and relocation management services to the development. The $75m project was delivered successfully within time and financial budgets and subsequently won the Queensland State Architectural Award in the Public Infrastructure category. The overall result was a delivery of a state-of-the-art facility incorporating best practice technology for emergency/disaster management services and providing an integrated and aesthetically pleasing and de-stressing environment for workers.

Using the ACCEDE defects management system provided a host of benefits right from the outset of the project:

  • Precise and targeted control of defects from very early stage (during bulk and detailed excavation);
  • Considerable time-saving in recording and closing out of defects eliminating the need to initially record defects on paper and then re-enter on a spreadsheet;
  • Overall reduction in costs as this part of a project is normally time-consuming and, therefore, expensive
  • Better control and direction over the builder with regards to the recording, ongoing follow-up and close out of defects;
  • Much-improved effectiveness in identifying and managing sub-contractor defect responsibilities;
  • Ease of use and portability of the system was extremely useful on a large and complex site;
  • Improved cooperation with the builder as they were happy to use the system finding it beneficial in helping them to close out defects with subcontractors.
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