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Who’s looking after you?

WicketWorks has a proud history of more than two decades of supporting our applications and we take pride in our after-sales service record.  WicketWorks is committed to providing the best possible support for ACCEDE users incorporating a portfolio of high quality, innovative technical services to help get the most from the system. ACCEDE Support is not just there to answer “how to use” questions but also includes additional benefits, such as advice on using ACCEDE to its full potential to reduce costs and improve the profitablity of your organisation.

A wealth of online support

If you do have any questions about ACCEDE the best starting point is the ‘My ACCEDE’ section on our website. You will find downloadable support documents, online user manuals, tutorials, our knowledge base and more. Remember that all of this content is fully searchable.

online accede support is available via the website

Email and telephone support

In the unlikely event that you have not been able to find an answer, more help is at hand with our email and telephone support service.  Simply email our support team and we will respond within two business days (faster for business critical issues).  Then we can arrange telephone support with your assigned ACCEDE Representative, or Brian, ACCEDE’s Development and Support Director.

On-site ACCEDE support

Correctly configuring ACCEDE for your project is the most critical element of the implementation process.  WicketWorks wants to ensure you hit the ground running and provides two days on-site project set-up consulting and ‘Super User’ training (for up to two people) before handing over ACCEDE’s keys to your project.  There is no additional charge for this service as it is built in to ACCEDE’s all-inclusive monthly licence fee.  If your project needs more on-site support we will provide up to five on-site days per annum (or pro rata) over the duration of your project.

Want to give us some feedback or suggestions?

At WicketWorks, we follow a continuous improvement philosophy for our applications.  Rather than having an annual new version release or significant upgrade, we believe small incremental modifications are kinder on users and your project.  WicketWorks wants you to suggest new features or propose changes to existing functionality.  To facilitate this we have incorporated ‘Feedback’ functionality into the ACCEDE Control Centre.  Tell us about how we can make ACCEDE even better, or raise questions directly with our development team, via a simple click on “Feedback” (lower left corner of your browser window). Just complete the dialogue box and we’ll get to work.

ACCEDE support wants your suggestions for future functionality and features


We hope this illustrates our commitment to supporting our customers and users to realise ACCEDE’s full potential.  If you have any questions please get in touch using our contact page.

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